The Team

Ben Lee | Olivier Flosse 


Ben Lee, Executive Chef


Ben Lee, the 35-year-old executive chef at A Voce Madison, brings his 10 years of experience and eternal passion for the rustic simplicity of Italian cuisine to this beloved Madison Square restaurant.  As the newest member of MARC Ltd (Marlon Abela Restaurant Corporation), Ben will offer his personal take on the seasonal, ingredient-driven Italian cuisine that is synonymous with the A Voce brand.


Embarking on his culinary career in Philadelphia in 2003, Lee worked in such highly-revered restaurants as Masaharu Morimoto’s eponymous restaurant, Morimoto, and Jean-Marie LaCroix’s LaCroix at the Rittenhouse, gaining knowledge in a variety of cuisines.  In 2007, Lee was introduced to Chef Jeffery Michaud, Executive Chef and Partner of Philadelphia-based Vetri Family Restaurant Group, who encouraged him to Stage in Italy and helped secure a position at Ristorante Loro in Bergamo, Italy.  Here, coupled with his travels throughout the country, Lee discovered a passion for Italian cooking which has remained with him ever since. 


After returning to Philadelphia in 2008 Lee officially joined Chef Marc Vetri’s team at the award-winning Osteria. As he grew with the restaurant group over the next two years, Lee established relationships with Vetri and Michaud that have continuously shaped his career. Seeking a new challenge, Lee moved to Manhattan in 2010 and joined Michael White at his Michelin-starred Marea, where he focused on high-end coastal Italian cuisine and was ultimately named sous chef.


As Executive Chef at A Voce Madison, Chef Lee will be overseeing his own kitchen for the first time, putting his personal mark on a refreshed menu of simple, market-driven, Italian food in his pursuit of delivering food excellence.  His menu will be based on his years of experience, the many lessons he learned from his community of culinary mentors and his strong commitment to ingredient-driven Italian cuisine.