About MARC

MARC: Marlon Abela Restaurant Corp

Founded in 2001 by Marlon Abela, MARC seeks to become a world-respected portfolio of iconic destination restaurants and associated food businesses. Each MARC enterprise universally demonstrates the principles of excellence, luxury, and service.


MARC maintains offices in London, New York and Greenwich, Connecticut within close proximity to the concentration of their properties. Built around the vision of its eponymous founder, MARC endeavors to open destination restaurants in key cities, maximizing their branding potential and strategic presence. MARC is focused on building a network of complementary restaurants in prime locations as well as creating the possibility of replication within a range of high value urban and suburban markets. The complete MARC portfolio will include fine dining, casual dining, suburban chic, retail boutiques, fine wines, and management services, facilitating the company's goal of exporting their brand of creativity and expertise worldwide.

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